Meet the team

At Bethel Witham we follow the New Testament style of Church Leadership. Chris Taylor is the man called by God to lead here at Bethel Witham as Pastor and he has a team of Elders. Click on links for more information about those in Church.

Pastor - Chris Taylor 

I have been honored to serve as the pastor of Bethel Witham since September 1st, 2018. My wonderful wife, Suzy, and our two children, Luke and Arran, join me in our dedication to the well-being of our community.

My passion lies in spreading the love of Christ and positively impacting our neighborhood. I believe the church plays a crucial role in this mission, and I am committed to leading Bethel Witham in fulfilling that purpose.

I feel a special calling towards evangelism and prophecy, as outlined in Ephesians 4:11. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I strive to share the Gospel and encourage others in their faith journey.

With a clear vision for our church's future and reliance on God's strength, I am excited about the journey ahead. Together, let us continue to grow in faith and serve our community with love and compassion. 

Mobile 07908 841307

Elder / DSL - Dann Smith 

My wife, Phoebe and I have been members at Bethel Christian Fellowship since 2017. We have two rescue dogs: Tori and Pip. We serve on the refreshments and prayer team. We also lead and host the 18-30 ministry at BCF. Outside of church, I enjoy going to the gym and playing the guitar. I am also studying for a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology, with the Open University and should graduate in 2020. I’ve been in love with Christ for 23 years and teach mostly on prophecy and apologetics. 

Elder - Gary Fisher 

I’m married to Shelly and have one daughter, Poppy. I’m a teacher by profession, currently working as a deputy's head in a large primary school in Chelmsford.  In my spare time, you will probably find me either at the end of the garden or out running along the River Walkthrough Witham. It’s about 25 years ago since I turned up at Bethel on a visit back from university, becoming a Christian soon after. Apart from a detour via Peru, I have been attending Bethel Fellowship ever since, slowly coming to realise the depths of what it means to be a Christian and our identity in Christ. ‘The truth will set you free’ Jesus said. My heart is to preach the transforming Word of God, to preach Jesus and see lives changed and relationships restored.


Elder - David Cameron

I have been a member of Bethel Christian Fellowship since 1987, when aged 19 I encountered Jesus for the first time at an old fashioned style outreach meeting, with a visiting evangelist, held in the Bethel Hall.  I decided to follow Jesus that day and know that he has faithfully been with me through every circumstance of my life.  I have been serving as an Elder at Bethel for 7 years now. I am married to Mel, who has been a lifelong member of Bethel, having been born into the church!  We have been married for 25 years and have two adult daughters, Georgia and Isabel. I am employed as a retail manager for Tesco, currently working at their Maldon Store. In the very little spare time that I seem to have, I enjoy watching football (I’ve been a supporter of Manchester United since I was a child) and listening to indie music, getting along to occasional concerts when I can.  I also love spending time out and about with my family.

Elder - Andy Brett 

Andy is married to Jean and is father to Joe, Lilly and Caitlin   They have been married for 23 years.  Andy works in the city of London in the Insurance industry and leads a small team specialising in US professional Lines.   Born into the Church in 1973 he made a firm commitment whilst on a Church holiday in Newtown in 1983.  Andy is a Trustee on the Church Council, has some responsibilities with the sound, Vision and Set up and is part of the NewDay camp team (co-head cook).  He remains a keen (in mind if not body) member of the Church Football team, and also enjoys hill walking, gaming and reading.

Youth Pastor - Suzy Taylor 

I'm Suzy, the youth pastor fueled by a deep passion for connecting with young hearts. With a background in pastoral care and counselling, I find immense joy in guiding and supporting individuals through life's experiences. Yet, above all, my purpose resonates in introducing young souls to the boundless joy and transformative power of Jesus.

Whether you're seeking guidance, companionship, or a deeper connection with Jesus, let's embark on this journey together.

Additionally, I oversee the vibrant "Little Friends" toddler group, where I cultivate a nurturing and enjoyable space for young parents and their children. Within this community, we foster friendships and creating a supportive environment where both children and parents can thrive