New here?

Our main meetings as a Fellowship take place on Sunday mornings at 10.30 a.m 


 Kings Centre, Wood End Farm, Hatfield Road, Witham, CM8 1EH.

What does a Sunday morning service generally consist of?

Generally, our meetings are informal and most people dress casually.  Following a brief introduction, we have a time of worship which usually consists of singing modern worship songs accompanied by guitar, keyboard, bass and drums with words displayed on a screen. It is open for people to contribute to the meeting by praying out loud or talking about things that God has shown them, reading the Bible or in some other way

In addition, a longer prepared talk is given that helps us to understand the teaching in the Bible, apply it to our lives and develop faith.

Once a month as part of the Sunday morning meeting we have communion (sometimes called breaking of bread) – a time when believers remember and celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection by sharing bread and wine together.

The Sunday morning meeting usually lasts an hour and a half.

Bethel Kids runs during the service for those aged below 11.

If you would like us to know that you are coming please email the address below and we will make sure somebody is expecting you!