Bethel Football Team

Hey, did you know that Bethel Christian Fellowship has its own men's football team? That's right! They play every Saturday in the Chelmsford & District Churches League and have been doing so for years. Not only do they have some serious skills on the field, but they've also developed some great relationships with other churches. Our home ground is in Chelmsford, and they typically play every other week.

Now, here's the cool part: the team includes a percentage of Christians! This is a fantastic way to release some energy, stay fit, and bond with other believers. And guess what? You could be a part of it too! Just contact Chris Cottrell for more information at

But wait, there's more! If 11-a-side football is a bit too intense for you, the team also plays 5-a-side football on Thursday evenings at New Rickstones Academy. How cool is that? Speak to Chris Cottrell for all the juicy details.

So come on, kick off those shoes and join the team. You won't regret it!